Aseema uten bakgrunnPublished in the Newspaper «Gla’Avisa, 2004 in Stavanger Norway:

«When Aseema as a child «saw» into the future she was sure that this was the most natural thing in the world. When she as 14 years old suddenly saw an enormous light in front of her, she was sure it was Jesus. She became, a so called, «Christian», but at an age of 20, she discovered that the bible did not give her any answer in her search for the truth. Instead she endeavoured to «save» the world through working with Development Aid, but she gave up after 4 years of intense effort.
Now she left for Spain, to learn Spanish and just «to let her hair down». Then she left for South America. She continued to search. Tried to find «the answer» in the nature, but that did not give her a feeling a peace and harmony either.

In 1989 she started the NLP training (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). But it was after her first Breath group that she could start to feel a sense of inner peace and harmony.
«I have not stopped travelling in the outer world, but it is my inner world which is most exciting, she says.»